Companies in today’s consumer sector face significant obstacles when trying to build customer loyalty in a crowded marketplace. The importance of attracting leaders with deep market understanding is greater than ever.

    As organisations expand into new markets, going from B2C into B2B or collaborating with the operator community, demand for talent is evolving. GDT is at the forefront of this change, helping companies to establish themselves across these verticals and expand geographically.


As eCommerce recruiters, we conduct a comprehensive, confidential search for outstanding candidates from coast to coast in a systematic, orderly manner. Because we recognise the importance of the search to your organisation,

    we make every effort to satisfy your requirements, thoroughly and expeditiously, with outstanding candidates who are qualified according to your specifications.
  • Our first priority is to obtain an understanding of your organisation, its structure, mode of operation, product, personalities involved, the position and its responsibilities and qualifications and characteristics you seek in the potential candidate.
  • We research nationally and locally to identify candidates uniquely qualified to meet your job specifications. We utilize all avenues, including our extensive database to identify those individuals who may be qualified and interested in exploring options. And, because we recruit exclusively in Direct and Interactive Marketing, we have the contacts to identify exceptional candidates with proven track records.
  • Potential candidates are contacted and interviewed to determine if they are qualified and interested. We explore the scope and quality of experience, suitability to the specifications, motivation, potential, and viability for relocation, if necessary.


The Private Equity Engagement Practice serves clients pursuing a multitude of investment strategies including Leveraged Buyout (LBO), Venture, Mezzanine, Restructuring, Distressed-for-Control as well as other long-dated

    investment strategies. Client partners include:
  • General Partners (GP): Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure
  • Limited Partners (LP) and other indirect investment firms/secondary’s
  • Hedge Funds active in private capital markets
  • Premium Service Providers to GPs and LPs, including third-party placement agents and advisory firms. Recruitment projects include: Operating Partners/Advisors, Capital Raising Professionals, Investment Team Members, Fund Operations (CFO, COO, GC), Limited Partner Investment Teams, Funds Leadership and Succession Projects (Managing Partner, CEO, President.). We also work with management consulting/ strategy industry leaders serving the talent management needs of the GP’s portfolio companies. These engagements typically focus on recruiting CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, Head of Business Development, President’s, etc.


Demand for Software Management Consultants are now again beginning to expand and to source technology-focused candidates in large numbers. Our clients (including niche, boutique IT Consulting Companies, large Management Consultancies and

    Professional Services firms) are keen to see candidates at all levels, spanning all market sectors, whether it be your first move into consultancy or your next step within the industry.

Social Networks, Mobile, Entertainment and Technology

In the rapidly converging Technology, Media, and Telecoms (TMT) sector, companies need professionals who have wide-ranging experience in the relevant issues. At GDT, we work with

    you to anticipate industry developments and formulate strategic talent hires. Our assignments cover media and entertainment, telecommunications, technology, and electronics. Our clients include telecommunications network operators and service providers; operators of broadband cable and satellite networks; television and radio broadcasters; social network operators; online retailers and auctioneers; film and television studios and producers; print, online, and music publishers; consumer electronics manufacturers; and computer games companies. Our team combines its knowledge across a range of practice areas into a single integrated approach, enabling us to leverage knowledge in one area to produce hiring solutions in another. In a dynamic, fast-changing, and highly interdependent industry, such an approach offers significant added value to our clients.


Life Sciences is a challenging sector, which pushes many legal boundaries; GDT Life Sciences work closely with our clients to source the best specialists to support them in working on the key challenges within this fast-paced environment.

    Increased worldwide demand for energy, growing concerns about the environment and a desire to increase energy independence have driven investments in the clean tech industry. Developing technologies and, often, new business models means clean technology companies competing in this emerging sector require sophisticated and innovative leaders. Companies turn to us for our in-depth expertise in clean technology industries – from energy and chemicals to biotechnology and technology – as well as our breadth of work in key functional areas and our global presence. Our consultants know and have access to experienced leaders in every major market, including China and India where demand is high for clean technology solutions. Using their extensive experience and relationships with leading executives in relevant fields, they are well positioned to help clients find the talented leaders they need. Over the past few years, we have conducted senior executive searches and board director appointments for clean technology companies. In fact, more than 80 percent of our clean technology assignments are for repeat clients. Our work spans all segments of clean technology including:
  • Clean Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy Supplies
  • Energy Storage
  • Cleaner Fuels
  • Energy Conversion
  • Power Delivery and Conservation
  • Consumer and Industrial Solutions

Fin Tech

We are a leading, global boutique headhunting and recruitment firm serving the financial technology market. We have well-known FinTech 100 clients in the US, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    We work with innovative companies transforming Lending, Payments, Crowdfunding, AML, Risk , Anti-Fraud, Compliance, Personal Finance, Digital Currencies, Bitcoin and Remittance. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the technology and financial sector and we’re passionate about the FinTech space. We can also assist you with international searches that require French, German or Polish.

Ed Tech

The education market is big. We’re talking $5-trillion-globally-per-annum big. Yet edtech has been completely overshadowed by other red-hot investment opportunities, not only from the fintech industry, but others. For example, in 2015,

    For example, in 2015, more was invested in Uber alone than the entire edtech industry.
    The rise of a new education and learning world has begun with investment in edtech set to reach $252 billion globally by 2020. Just as digitalization has transformed the financial services industry, it too will soon have its progressive grip wrapped around education.

    For the past 150 years or so, most learning models — especially regarding children — have barely changed: A teacher or lecturer stands at the front of the classroom explaining ideas or introducing facts while students sit and listen with the learning materials being mostly physical textbooks or printouts.

    Gdt believes Edtech is poised to be the biggest and possibly most profitable digitalized sector yet. Now, however, digital technologies are starting to transform today’s classrooms. More students are using computers or tablets, and teachers are increasingly using screens to illustrate aspects of their lessons. Physical textbooks are being replaced by online, interactive services that are more up-to-date and in-depth, which allows learners to explore and learn at their own pace.

    This is important because of two contributing factors. First, students are born with digital DNA. When considered like a business, education institutions need to cater to the digital demand of their consumers — people who are constantly exposed to digital technologies outside of the classroom have come to expect the same digital capabilities within the four walls of a learning environment.

    Secondly, the world is fast becoming aware of the burgeoning digital skills divide in our society. Digital will soon be the nucleus of every industry. We are already seeing it happen, from human resources to healthcare to fashion. In fact, four years from now, the U.K. is predicted to require 2.3 million digitally skilled workers alone Are we adequately preparing our young people for such a workplace? Many would argue we are not. In fact, only 10 percent of schools offer any kind of computer science class. If we don’t start at school-level exposing learners to technology existing outside the classroom, the skills gap will soon be a valley that cannot be bridged.

    Edtech is the next fintech

    The education and learning technology sector contributes more than £1 billion to the U.K. economy each year, and in the process has established some of the most innovative startup companies in the worldOther than being the only technology industry to have direct access to schools, colleges and universities, edtech is also the safest bet for investors. Unlike the ups and downs of the financial markets, edtech remains constant, sheltered from many of the pressures of the broader geopolitical landscape. It is somewhat of a safe haven for smart money from smart investors.

Health Tech

From wearables to mHealth, from EHR to lifestyle apps, GDT have a passion for this fast growth, exciting category to hire the best global talent..

    GDT believes that talent in digital health begins to reach its potential as we proceed into this sector. Healthcare is currently undergoing a digital revolution, and its rapidly developing relationship with technology is beginning to shape potentially one of the largest sectors in the world. The digital sector and its stakeholders began to acknowledge the role of technology within the healthcare system barely five years ago, but it has since allowed a reservoir of investor capital, startup creation, and consumer adoption to explode.

    By 2020, it is projected that $102 billion will be spent on health and wellness technology across nine different markets, and the growing value of the global Health Tech market will rise to over $100 trillion. Its development has been hotly anticipated: the healthcare industry was initially slow to adopt innovative solutions within its services, but recent traction points towards a rewarding future. Driving this growth is not only technology innovation, but behavioral changes in the general public’s attitude towards health and well-being, regulatory changes – in the US in particular – are beginning to open up the space to entrepreneurship, and changing demographics are forcing governments to ameliorate the effects of an ageing population.

    Crucial to the safe, responsible, efficient and productive delivery of each Health Tech innovation are the many people, healthcare influencers, across the world, that seek to improve the consumption and experience of care Advancements in medical and pharmaceutical science have prolonged life expectancies but as a consequence, has placed increasing pressure on the delivery and management of health services. Clinicians and administrators alike are looking to the next generation of technology not just to help drive efficiencies but to make a positive contribution in many facets of health including remote diagnostics, mHealth provision, patient records and overall health management.

    Disruption within the sector, fuelled by the demand for products and services, the availability of patient data and the need for intelligent, secure and interoperable systems is revolutionising healthcare provision and management.

    As consumers, we are increasingly familiar with wearables and with the benefits of lifestyle and health oriented mobile apps. But it’s in patient care that Health Tech has the potential to make the most dramatic impact on the quality of life and on the management of many conditions.

    Technologies and equipment that helps to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities and independence of a patient or telehealth solutions that can monitor physiological data remotely have the potential to revolutionise the provision of healthcare while building a more efficient healthcare service. Technological innovation is the future of healthcare; from empowering savvy patients through mHealth devices, to using analytics and creating information systems which enable faster accessibility to patient data leading to higher impact clinical decision making.

Date & Analytics

GDT’s ability to leverage data and analytics is the key to driving improved business performance, enhanced customer

    and employee experience, and competitive advantage. If your company's culture, people, processes, data and technology are properly harnessed to drive data-driven decisions, your company will differentiate itself from competitors and position itself for sustainable growth.

    Industry Experience and Functional Expertise

    Unleashing the power of data requires having the right leadership in place to drive transformational insights across the enterprise. Our experience building best-in-class data and analytics leadership teams provides us with a unique perspective on the sustainable advantage created from a fully actualized data and analytics organization. Our consultants work with organizations across industries to find and assess exceptional data and analytics leaders. We pair industry sector professionals with data and analytics functional experts to provide our clients with a consultative approach to every engagement. This integrated method has resulted in a successful track record of recruiting and advising companies on data and analytics leadership issues across the following roles:
    • Chief Analytics Officers
    • Customer Analytics
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Product Analytics
    • Risk and Compliance Analytics
    • Supply Chain Analytics
    • Human Resources/People Analytics
    • Finance Analytics
    • Chief Data Officers
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Management
    • Data Architecture​


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